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  • effective use of Legos
  • 11 · 01 · 2013

    Legos have been a part of children’s creative play for nearly 100 years. Designed, engineered and play with first in Denmark in 1916, they are a toy I can’t imagine having not grown up with. There are even amusement parks that are made up entirely of this small, plastic toy.

    In 2012, advertising agency Jung von Matt created what might be one of the most creative Lego ads in the history of the toy existing. Recreating some of the most iconic cartoon characters using simple shape and color just goes to show how one’s imagination can go such a long way. To see additional ads, please click here:


  • Art, Ctrl, Del
  • 20 · 12 · 2012

    Quite possibly the best page to “LIKE” on Facebook is Art, Ctrl, Del. Posting some of the most powerful and thought-evoking pieces of art from all around the world. This page is my morning coffee and should be yours as well. I love to share their posts and will do so on here from time to time all while paying credit to the amazing artists who inspired me for the day. Click here to visit their page on Facebook.

    a great piece spotted on their page, by New Moment New Ideas Company, Belgrade

  • new site, new work. hello, again!
  • 19 · 12 · 2012

    hello again!

    After 2 long years, I’ve finally had some time to update my site and include a handful of some amazing work I’ve done over the past 9 years while living (and designing) in NYC. Go ahead, ask me how many packages I’ve designed and how many triathlons I’ve won. Answer? More than 50 packages and I win all of my races, I swear.

    2013 is going to be a great year and I’m looking forward to continuing to work on many more rebrands, packages, websites and more. Special thank you to all the amazing clients (new and old) and design studios who have helped and enabled me to work on everything thus far.

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